Safety FAQs

Chief Concrete Cutting & Demolition takes the safety of our clients and employees very seriously. Read on to see the answers to commonly asked safety questions.

Q: What measures does Chief Concrete Cutting & Demolition implement to ensure the safety of clients and staff?

A: We train all of our employees in concrete cutting and demolition safety measures in order to minimize risk of work-related accidents. We also execute certain supervisory practices to ensure that safety procedures are adhered to. These safety precautions are in place specifically to protect the safety of our clients and our workers.

Q: What measures does Chief Concrete Cutting & Demolition take to protect the safety of our employees?

A: Cutting concrete can be a dangerous business. To minimize the risk of work-related accidents, Chief Concrete Cutting & Demolition requires that our employees use proper personal protective equipment based on the specific job being performed. The following is a list of commonly used personal protective equipment.

  • Respirators
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hard Hat
  • Gloves and Hand Protection
  • High-visibility Clothing
  • Hearing Protection
  • Protective Footwear
  • Fire Retardant Coveralls

Q: What methods does Chief Concrete Cutting & Demolition employ to control potentially dangerous dust?

A: Concrete dust is potentially damaging to the lungs, sinuses and eyes. Dust can also become corrosive and abrasive, damaging surrounding finish. The two most common methods in dust control are wet cutting, where the dust is collected in the cooling water, and pneumatic devices, which serve to pull dust away in an air stream.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.

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